The perfect posie™

Introducing a deep and soft, seamless circular prop for better snugly posing results. The Perfect Posie™ offers structured support, fully mouldable with just right amount of depth and curve for all babies, all shapes and sizes!

The Perfect Posie™ is deep and soft, meticulously measured and manufactured to create a soft seamless circular hug for better snugly posing results.

To produce a beautiful rich skin cast, The Perfect Posie™ has been designed in brown.  

For extra head support we have included a multipurpose matching heart-shaped posing pillow that can also be used as a cuddle toy; welcome The Perfect Posie™ Cushion Cuddly. Soft super stretchy cover options are available in perfectly matched colours, which serves for efficient seamless post processing results.

The Perfect Posie™ is a multipurpose posing support that not only offers the perfect support for Luisa Dunn Digital Backdrops and Templates for Newborn Photographers but can also be used for hands on chin, side stretch and potato sack posing options depending on your own unique style and posing ability.

Perfect your Post Processing with The Perfect Posie™

The Perfect Posie™ has been designed exclusively for Newborn Photographers to ensure seamless post processing results.


The Perfect Posie™ BONUS VIDEO TUTORIAL covers the “baby-in-dad’s-hands” followed by “baby-in-utero” posing technique. The BONUS VIDEO TUTORIAL will assist in using The Perfect Posie™ to achieve best results in studio. We have included an editing tutorial for your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does shipping take?

The Perfect Posie™ ships within 24 hours of placing an order.  Estimated delivery time is provided at checkout for deliveries within Australia.

Where can I find the shipping information costs?

Shipping costs are provided at checkout for both domestic and international, based on the shipping method and shipping address you enter.  All orders are shipped using the Australia Post service.

What are the shipping options and how long will shipping take?

Regular Post will arrive within 2-5 business days depending on which state you reside in.
Express Post will arrive within 1-2 business days depending on which state you reside in.

Standard Shipping will arrive within 6-12 business days depending on which country you reside in.
Express Shipping will arrive within 4-6 business days depending on which country you reside in.
International Shipping timeframes are approximate and cannot be guaranteed.

Why is The Perfect Posie™ brown?

To eliminate grey skin casts.  Brown will produce a beautiful rich skin cast.

What is The Perfect Posie™ filled with?

The Perfect Posie™ is filled with a firm polystyrene (35L) and rice (2.5kg) ratio mix.

Are there any instructional videos how to fill The Perfect Posie™?

Yes – a video tutorial on how to fill The Perfect Posie™, care and ease of use is available on the website.

What tools can I use to assist me with filling The Perfect Posie™?

You can use a gasoline funnel, a soft drink bottle (with the bottom cut off as a make shift funnel), a cup or even a piece of paper rolled up into a cone.

Do I have to refill The Perfect Posie™ for each baby?

NO – we recommend to fill The Perfect Posie™ as per instructions.  The Perfect Posie™ has been used on large newborns and premature newborns.  The Perfect Posie™ is designed to mould conveniently around your baby accordingly due to the filling ratio. If your newborn baby requires additional lift due to age or weight we recommend you use the matching heart shaped pillows for additional support.

How big is The Perfect Posie™?

Approximately 48cm wide and 20cm high.

Can I fit twins in The Perfect Posie™?

Depending on your posing skill and the size of the twins, it is possible.

Does The Perfect Posie™ fit into prop bowls?

It depends on how big your prop bowls are.

Is The Perfect Posie™ waterproof?

No.  Babies posed directly on The Perfect Posie™ should always be wearing a nappy (with a wrap or romper to help with coverage).  Naked babies should never be posed directly on The Perfect Posie™, but always with the addition of a waterproof layer between the slip cover and the base.

Are the Slip Covers washable?

Yes, in a gentle cold wash.