How much time would you save being able to add your purchases to a client specific portfolio?

We have thought about this long and hard and this App is perfect for you to add your own logo and showcase your purchases plus more watermark free!

For an annual subscription, you can manage your own clients through your Luisa Dunn Photography Shop Account.
It’s this simple:

  1. Purchase My Baby Art for only $29.​95/year
  2. Add your company logo which will be visible on the App to your clients
  3. Add your clients details – name and email
  4. Add your purchases or any images you choose that you are comfortable working with (up to 30 images at any one time)
  5. Send them to your client by a click of a button
  6. Your client receives an email with the App details and a unique passcode to access the App
  7. Your client selects the images they love and submits them back to you
  8. You receive an email with your clients choices and now you know exactly what your client wants

On purchasing this subscription, this App is unique to you and your company. When you add your company logo it is automatically generated on the App so your client thinks it belongs to you.

There is no reference to Luisa Dunn Photography whatsoever. Only you know where your digitals come from.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add my clients?

When you purchase the subscription, you will be able to Manage Your Clients through Your Account.

Can I add multiple clients?

Yes you can and you can select different images per client.

How do I add images for my clients?

To add images, you click on Select Images under the relevant client, you can then select the images from either your Purchases or Favourites folder or directly from the shop by checking the boxes.

How many images can I send to my clients?

Each client can view up to 30 images at one time.

How does my client view the images I have selected for them?
Your client will receive a unique passcode specifically for them.
Once they download the App from the App Store, they enter the passcode.
How do I receive my client’s preferences?

Once your client has selected their favourites, they select ‘Submit to my Photographer’. You then receive an email notifying you of their choices.

Is the App available on Android?

No – the App is only available on Apple at this stage.

Is the App free to my clients?

Yes – it costs nothing for your clients to download the App from the App Store.

How long is my subscription valid for?

The subscription is valid for one year. You will be notified to renew your subscription if you wish.