About Us


Luisa Dunn is an Award winning Brisbane Photographer specialising in at the art of newborn and baby portraiture.  Her style embraces both colour and organic neutrals with a focus on capturing newborns in womb-like curly sleepy positions.
In 2015, Luisa began to specialise in the area of newborn composites as a way of ensuring baby safety, reducing styling time during sessions and adding creative elements later in post processing.
Since launching her first digital backdrop collection in February 2016, Luisa now has a flourishing online business creating and supplying digital backdrops to newborn Photographers all around the world.
Before embarking on photography as a full-time career over 7 years ago, Luisa gained a degree in Business Marketing and Communications and worked as a consultant for public relations agencies and the Queensland Symphony Orchestra.  A skill-set that has contributed greatly to building a successfully marketed photography business.
Luisa picked up her first camera when she was 15 years old and has enjoyed working primarily with natural light for over 34 years!  She discovered her love of working with newborns and babies in 2010 when she was asked to photograph a family member’s new arrival.  Luisa was in awe of this fleeting time and instantly felt connected to capturing the innocence and beauty of these perfect little people.
Luisa is wife to a busy Radiologist husband and mum of two university aged children.


Elise Gow is an Australian Photographer most recognised for her use of bold colours in both her newborn and family photography.  Her images are full of colour and texture, as well as crochet blankets and quilts.
She effortlessly combines sleepy posed newborn images with more natural, lifestyle images which capture emotional connections between her subjects.
Elise’s unique digital backdrops have a whimsical, playful feel to them with a little magic sometimes thrown in.


Elyse Whittaker-Paek was born in Adelaide, and was raised in Sydney, Australia.  She relocated to Southern California and continued her Arts education at California State University in Long Beach where she received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Illustration.
After graduation, Elyse worked in the film and TV industry in Los Angeles, California for 10 years on projects such as, Warner Brothers’ feature animation movie ‘Space Jam’, starring the world famous basketball star, Michael Jordan.  She then continued her career in Nickelodeon Animation Studios on the shows, Dora the Explorer, Hey Arnold and Oswald the Octopus in the role of Character Designer, Prop Designer and Storyboard Artist.
After her time in the animation industry, and starting a family with her husband, Elyse began to pursue her lifelong passion of illustrating children’s books.  She worked with independent authors within the United States and overseas.  Her work on the book, ‘I’m So Hollywood’ has won the Best Illustrated Book Award with the Feathered Quill Book Awards.
Elyse has recently been introduced to the world of newborn portrait photography and has been inspired by Luisa Dunn’s work and her contributions to this genre of Art.  Elyse is thrilled to collaborate with Luisa Dunn Photography to create meaningful illustrations for newborn Photographers and new families for generations.