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There are two ways to buy our digital designs in pre selected discounted packages or please your palate by selecting your own

Pre Selected Packages

Luisa has hand selected a package of images to enhance your gallery of images for your clients.  Each package will have a theme either likeness or a range of elements that all tie together nicely. The packages have a discounted element that increases in size with the packages.  

Please Your Palate

Please your palate, is for those who know exactly what they want. Choose from the entire Luisa Dunn Limited Edition Designs and Elise Gow Elite Edition.  

Instinctively Island Vine

A fabulous collaboration with one of the industries best suppliers, David from island vine design made this collection available as please your palate and a complete collection. David knowing the issues many photographers have in relation to storage of large props and international photographers wanting the island vine design touch has embraced digital delivery and outdone himself with this brilliant island vine complete set.